"One of a Kind" Trinity Cross designed by the late Artist and Master Bookbinder Ernst Hoeppli of Switzerland.

The three intersecting circles overlaying the Cross appear in perfect Peace and Harmony.

They beautifully symbolize: The Unity of Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit

Photo by Gary Voeste
Copyright 2012 © Susanna Hoeppli. All Rights Reserved

Beautifully handcrafted Trinity Cross in Sterling Silver or Gold Plated, with a smooth or textured finish

Ready to wear on a chain or leather cord. Packaged with a 'Sunshine Polishing Cloth' and 'Ask, Believe, Receive' wrist band. $90 each. Shipping and Handling included within the USA.


Ernst Hoeppli lived his Life inspired by the Teachings of Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Ghandi. Embracing all living Creatures and the whole of Nature with true Love and Compassion. "My Life is my Message" (Ghandi)


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10% of all proceeds from the sales of the Trinity Cross are donated to Charity and Individuals who inspire us to practice Love and Compassion.