Miracles Big or Small

Posted by Coleen Ball on

Miracles. Big or small, too often we take them for granted? Miracles happen, every day, every minute. Being alive and breathing and loving and learning – miracles. Christ’s love imbued in the scent of a rose or the laughter of a child – miracles. Miracles are simply our shifted perspective of awareness and our noticing that God’s love is everywhere, all around us. All of God’s love, right here with us in every moment creating a never-ending river of miracles all ready to be noticed and celebrated and shared.

Remind someone special of the miracle that they are. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Step into the miracle of life. The miracle of love. Allow the beauty of miracles to unfold with your every breath and receive the miracle of God’s love. Just by noticing them, miracles will start popping up in your life like daffodils in spring. Believe in the beauty of miracles… they are everywhere.

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