As a mother of five, Coleen could have never imagined her life as it is today. As a successful businesswoman and mother, her family’s life flipped in an instant when her son had a terrible accident, leaving everyone in the unknown.

After going through several traumatic experiences, my family and I thought we were done being tested—then our faith was tested yet again. When my son Brian woke from his coma, the doctor said, “Brian, you are my first miracle,” to which Brian replied, “There are more to come.” At that moment, I didn’t have any idea that the Trinity Cross would be a part of those miracles.”


Coming together in faith and turning every tough moment into a positive, she now is recognized nationally. She inspires, blesses, and uplifts thousands of people with stories of hope.

Coleen is currently the Founder of Trinity Cross Collection for Inspired Works, which she founded in 2009. The Trinity Cross design came to Coleen during a time of personal struggle. Wanting to share her faith, Coleen utilized her professional experience to bring the concept of The Trinity Cross to fruition. Starting the company in her home, she now leads all manufacturing, domestic and international distribution and marketing efforts for the collection which appear in retail stores across the country. 


The Trinity Cross and the meaning
behind it has become more than a symbol

Coleen as an avid hiker, has completed her own spiritual journey and walked the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 700 Kl (585 miles) pilgrimage across Northern Spain. She completed Louge Derg, the most challenging of all pilgrimages in Ireland. This spiritual pilgrimage requires fasting, prayer, silence, barefoot, and without sleep for three days. She shares her personal story of how faith made her strong in her weakest moments.