Stories Of Hope


The story of the Trinity Cross is an inspired one that celebrates the unity of family, friends, and love. Out of trauma comes to strength; out of confusion comes wisdom, and when faith is tested, hope is reinforced. The Trinity Cross is a constant reminder of the bond that links the individual to the source of faith.

"After going through several traumatic experiences, my family and I thought we were done being tested—then our faith was tested yet again. When my son Brian woke from his coma, the doctor said, "Brian, you are my first miracle," to which Brian replied, "There are more to come." At that moment, I didn't have any idea that the Trinity Cross Collection would be a part of those miracles."


We each have our own unique connection to God. The Trinity Cross Collection boasts a range of colors and a design that represent distinctive aspects of that sacred connection. From kindness to courage, the Trinity Cross represents faith, hope, and love. The faint, clinging sound is no louder than a whisper yet a powerful reminder that unseen strength can come from our relationship to prayer and be a potent force that supports our lives. 

The Trinity Cross Design

 The elegant design of the Trinity Cross comprises three separate pieces, each reminding us of the significance and power of the sacred "threes." Throughout history, the number three has held spiritual significance that crosses borders, cultures, and faiths. The Trinity Cross Collection represents many of the most significant "threes," which are treasured by people of deep and abiding faith:

Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, Family, and Friends

Peace, Love, and Devotion

And, for many of us…

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

Give the Trinity Cross to someone as a reminder of the special bond you share and celebrate a life filled with love and grace.

Coleen's Message To You

"My personal story from tragedy to hope has inspired the entire Trinity Cross Collection. To learn more about my story and my son, Brian..

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