How Love Inspires Hope In The Face Of Fear

Posted by Coleen Ball on

Is it true that love conquers all? We've heard it over and over, and sometimes it can seem like a long road filled with fear and doubt that stumps us from reaching the healing that we need, the goal that we promised ourselves we would reach, or some other milestone that we're attempting to get to.

But love is strong. We see the act of creation as an act of love, the strong bond between mother and child, man and wife, siblings, and friends. Neighbor helping neighbor.

In my experience, the grip of fear, in an unknowing situation, can be so incredibly tight that I can feel like I'm choking. I don't know what may happen next, and all of the fearful possibilities crowd my head with uncertainty. But, one look at my children, my friends or even my dog can lift my spirits. Why? Because of the love that I feel when I look at them, and the love that's reciprocated.

Don't ever doubt your ability to Love completely, it's the most potent weapon against the fear that you can have.

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